Gaitri Mantra




Word for word meaning of the mantra:

Om or aum - It is the chief and the most appropriate name for God.

This word is made of the combination of 'a', 'u', and 'm'

'a' means creator of the universe.

'u' means sustainer of the universe.

‘m' means annihilation of the universe.


Thus the word 'aum' imbibes in itself all the chief qualities of God.


Bhur - The substratum of life; dearer than even life; the Giver and Sustainer of all life.
Bhuvah - The destroyer of all kinds of miseries; the Remover of all sorrows.
Svah - The form of pleasure and the bestower of pleasure/bliss.
Tat -  That God

Savitur - The progenitor of the entire world; The Creator of the Universe; One who always inspires us.
Varenayam - Worth acquiring, the superior most; You alone are worthy of worship.
Bhargo - Of the pure form; You are the light that illuminates us, the Fire which burns away all our evil desires.
Devasya - Of God; You are the Supreme Being.
Dhimahi - Let us meditate upon.
Dhiyo - intellect so we move forward, may be able to tell right from wrong and follow the right path.
Yo - Who *i.e.* the God referred to; You who have all these qualities.
Nah - Of ours
PrachodayÄt - May inspire (for good deeds).