History of Arya Samaj of Garden State, Belleville, NJ.

124-126 Joralemon Street, Belleville, NJ 07109

Arya Smaj of Garden State formerly known as Arya Samaj of Essex County was founded on August 25, 1985, based on Vedic Principles as Laid out by Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati, the founder of Arya Samaj.

In August 1985,Sushum and Pratap Singhal decided to open an Arya Samaj for the benefit of the Essex county.  Mr. Dharam Jit Jigyasu ji was contacted for his commitment and support. Mr Jigyasuji agreed to support at least for a few years. Thereafter a separate meeting was held with Dr. Avinash Gupta for his commitment and support. Hence the Arya Samaj of Essex County was formed.

For the first 2 years Arya Samaj programs were held at the residence of Sushum and Pratap C. Singhal, 446 Ridgewood Ave, Glenridge, NJ. As membership increased it was decided to rent a place to accommodate the growing spiritual needs of the community area. So the place  known as the Mosonic Temple at 124, Joralem street, Belleville, NJ 07109 was rented.

Fortunately with the encouragement and the financial support of many Arya Samajís and well wishers, we were able to buy the Masonic Temple with cash payment without mortgage. This took place as of June 1998.  The Masonic Temple was renamed as the OM TEMPLE.

Before 2000, this Arya Samaj was known as the Arya Samaj of Essex County.  Since Arya Samaj attracted many members outside the Essex County,  the name was changed to ARYA SAMAJ OF GARDEN STATE. Hence the new name gave wider appeal.

The Contact telephone for Singhal:      973-783-3323