Mahatma Gandhi

 A Curse for Bharat – Ramdas Gandhi



Dedicated to my Mother, who died during partition days in 1947 at Sialkot (now in Pakistan)

    “After witnessing complete annihilation of Hindus in “Kulachi”, a town in District “Dera Ismail Khan” of NWFP in mid April 1947, our family crossed river Indus in first week of May 1947, to reach a Railway StationDarya Khan” in District Mianwali of West Punjab. From Darya Khan, we had to travel to reach “Lahore” via “Kundian” and “Lala Musa”, to ultimately go to “Sialkot”, where my father was serving at that time to witness complete annihilation of Hindus and Sikhs once again in August 1947.

    It was a long journey from Darya Khan to Lahore, with heavy rush in the train. So, my mother and sisters were accommodated in some Ladies compartment, which had no rush. There was no Muslim lady in the compartment. On the way, at some station, one Muslim lady boarded that ladies compartment. She started shouting loudly, that Hindus killed Muslims in Bihar. All Hindu ladies listened to her like dumb sheep and no one had the guts to rebut. My mother could not tolerate it and retorted, that Muslims were the first to start killings of Hindus in Bengal. When those Bengali Hindu refugees reached Bihar for shelter, there was a natural reaction against Muslims in Bihar. How she dared to blame Hindus? This was sufficient to silence that Muslim lady, and she kept mum during the rest of the journey.”


Think – Understand – Awake!


  1. Whatever leaders there are in the country today, of whichever party or class, are bent on capturing power through people’s votes and then exploiting and plundering the people for full five years.  After winning the election, the leaders turn into rulers and through resort to intimidation with the help of the Police or goondas fill their unholy coffers (or make their tons of money).
  2. Even fifty four years after independence (which, in fact, is another name for the country’s partition) these leaders keep the people starved, unclothed and illiterate, and setting them at each other’s throat in the name of language, province, community, caste, they serve their own selfish interests.
  3. They have plunged the country into the forge of corruption through such un-necessary or uncalled for policies as control, quota, permit, licensing, rationing, sales tax, excise duty, labor act, nationalization.  The game of these opportunist leaders is to make sure that there is no honest man around and their seat of power is ever safe.
  4. Their big plan is to make every man a slave by putting him through the grind of what they choose to call discipline, by making him wait for hours in a queue for essential things under a regime of official restrictions.


Does a leader swearing by socialism ever stand in a queue to get his ration, milk or kerosene oil etc.


Think, understand, awake! Raise your voice against this conspiracy.


Else, there will be neither country, nor (Dharma), nor society, nor faith.  We shall all be changed into domesticated animals, like slaves in the past days.







  1. Preface
  2. Cruelty unlimited committed by Gandhi
  3. Gandhi and Nehru family guilty of killings of 4 million Hindus
  4. Gandhi in aid of Muslim killers of Kolkata Hindus
  5. Gandhi prevented Muslims of East Punjab from migrating to Pakistan in 1947.  Master Tara Singh opposed Gandhi.
  6. Gandhi and Nehru created Kashmir problem, and responsible for killings of Hindus.
  7. Gandhi’s treacherous Non-violence, Ahimsa.
  8. Gandhi’s opposition to Hindi and support of Urdu.
  9. Gandhi’s opposition to Hindi and support of Urdu – continued.
  10. Gandhi Suggested Dalits-weaker section of Hindus to embrace Islam and Christianity. Hindus should be grateful to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
  11. According to Gandhi, Lord Rama and Krishna never existed.
  12. Gandhi denounced Arya Samaj and Swami Dayanand.
  13. Gandhi’s treacherous behavior on Martyrdom of Swami Shardhanand and Sardar Bhagat Singh.
  14. He denounced Arya Samaj and Hindu Mahasabhas non-violent movement as communal and anti-national, and supported the oppressor Nizam, the Muslim Ruler of Hyderabad.
  15. Gandhi’s treacherous truthfulness, and telling that Pakistan could be created over his dead body.
  16. Gandhi was a coward. He did not say “Hey  Ram”, but urinated. Frothing and fuming in his mouth.
  17. Mr. Jinnah was reasonable to Hindus. It was Gandhi who betrayed Hindus.
  18. If Gandhi and Nehru were not representatives of the Hindus, why did they assume the power in Truncated India?
  19. Gandhi said that Army should clear latrines. Insult the brave soldiers.
  20. Gandhi and the Gandhians are the biggest enemy of India.
  21. Gandhi’s son Ramdas Gandhi, castigated his father and said that “your life has become curse for Hindu Jati”.
  22. Gandhi and Gandhism has given to India, inauspicious days of 15th August, 26th January and insult in the shape of Tricolor flag.
  23. Gandhi’s claim of direct communication with God.
  24. He indulged in self-praise. Tried to justify himself as father of the Nation.
  25. Gandhi encouraged sings and Adharma.
  26. Gandhi’s Jawahar “A gem” was drinking alcohol on the mid-night of 14th-15th  August 1947.
  27. Gandhi’s simple living was humbug.
  28. Mr. Jinnah as Governor General of Pakistan, did not allow Gandhi to meet him.
  29. Homage to Nathu Ram Godse and assassination of Gandhi.
  30. All followers of Gandhi are sinful criminals.



               The followers of Gandhi consider him as a god, and believe that India is facing various problems, because we do not follow his teachings.  In this write up a humble attempt has been made to show that the ground realities are just the reverse of it on the basis of facts and figures.  All the problems, that we are facing today, are because India followed Gandhi all these years after the so called independence in 1947.  Prof. Upendra Baxi has summed up the whole situations so well:

               A man called Mohandas invented India; A man called Jawaharlal discovered India; The followers of Mohandas and Jawaharlal misappropriated India.  It is now for ups to re-appropriate India.

               And unless we say good-bye to Gandhi, we would be inviting more and more troubles.  The aim is not to just malign him for the sake of malignment, but to caution the people and the nation about his foolish and anti-national deeds.  Even prefixing the word Mahatama before his name, is questionable.  A big book can be written about the misdeeds.  A few good works, which he did, pale into insignificance, before the irreparable harm, which he has done to the nation.  This brief write up is only to show a glimpse of his misdeeds and misconduct.



Cruelty Unlimited Committed by Gandhi


               His followers extol him as harbinger of non-violence and compassion, but we may not be able to find a person, more cruel and helper of criminals, in the entire history of India.  He had absolutely no compassion for the Hindus and Sikhs at the time of partition of India in 1946 to 48, who were being butchered, women and girls being raped,  dishonored, abducted and brutally tortured by the Muslims in Pakistan.  Many Hindu and Sikh women had to save their honor by ending their lives, by jumping into wells, canals .  and rivers.  When all these things were happening this embodiment of love and compassion did not do any thing positive to help them.  Instead he was giving advice to refugees from Noakhali (now in Bangladesh) not to run away from their homes for fear of losing life, and return to their villages and show love and goodwill to those who were killing them.  When he was passing through Lahore (now ins Pakistan), it was burning, and there were whole scale murders most of the time.  But his advice to the frightened Hindus was “….if Lahore is dying, die with it…..” (Partition and aftermath – memoirs of an Ambassador – Kewal Singh, page 49)

               Again, is his prayer meeting on 23rd September, 1947, Gandhi said – “he had seen a deputation of Hindus and Sikhs from Rawalpindi as also from Dera Gazi Khan.  The speaker (i.e. Gandhi) had no doubt that Pakistan authorities should ensure full protection to remaining Hindus and Sikhs in every part of Pakistan.  He would repeat his advice that they should all be prepared to die as a man, rather than leave their homes.  The art of dying bravely and with honor did not need any special training,” (see page 33, Delhi Diary – A collection of speeches by M. K. Gandhi from 10-9-47 to 30-1-48 Navjivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad).

               It is worth noting that Gandhi was giving this advice to unarmed, defense-less and helpless Hindus and Sikhs, which included women and children also.  Is this the compassion and non-violence which he had to offer?  While he himself was enjoying pure goat milk, honey, fruit juices, dry fruits etc. to keep his old frail body with bony structure, incapable of standing without the help of two girls supporting him on both the sides, alive for 125 years.  Was it not shameful to do so? Why this fearless incarnation of compassion and giving sermon to others on bravery, did not go himself to Rawalpindi and Dera Gazi Khan, to tell to the Muslims to first kill him, before touching his followers the Hindus and Sikhs, like Swami Shardhanand, who offered himself – bare-chested to face the bullets of British troops while leading his followers at Chandni Chowk in Delhi.  Guru Tegh Bahadur sacrificed his life to save the Kashmiri Hindus Pandits from persecution and torture by the most cruel Muslim ruler Aurangzeb.  Why Gandhi did not follow these examples?  If he was afraid of death at least he could have directed the government, which could never disobey him, to take some positive steps to save the precious life of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan.  Why did he not do anything?  However, when there was repercussion in India against what was happening in Pakistan, the old man immediately went on fast-unto-death for the sake off Muslims.  Are these the qualities of a Mahatama, who had double standards, one for the Muslims, and another one for the Hindus? 

               It is clear, that he was very cruel to the Hindus.  Similarly when Moplas (Muslims of Malabar in South India) butchered 2500 Hindus are converted 20,000 to Islam by force in 1923m after the failure of Khilafat movement, he addressed them as “ My brave Mopla Brothers”, as if killing of Hindus was an act of bravery.

               Here is would be quite relevant to mention as experience in my own life.  It was in December 1972, that I happened to go to Ferozepur from Nangal Township along with my wife, where her aunt was living.  One Sunday, we both attended the weekly satsang meeting of the Arya Samaj near Turi Bazar.  It was pretty cold, and the attendance  was hardly ten.  Naturally our new faces attracted the attention of the President of the Arya Samaj a tall respectable person, wearing turban and aged about sixty five.   At the end  of the meeting he talked very affectionately and wanted our introduction, which I gave.  Then I also asked for his introduction.  He said that they were at the Sheikhupura (about 40 kms from Lahore in Pakistan) in 1947.  He was an active and influential worker of the Congress.  As per advice and utterances of Gandhi, he insisted that Hindus and Sikhs of his locality to stay and not to migrate to safer places.  The result was that the entire male population was massacred.  Girls and women abducted, some how his family was able to escape.  He was deeply hurt and felt that he was personally responsible for that event.  Here it may be added, that in August 1947, 22000 (twenty two thousand) Hindus were butchered at Sheikhupura in just 48 hours, by the Muslims with the help of Muslim Police and military.  This fact was accepted by Mr. Nehru the first Prime Minister of India. (See Organizer dated 14th May, 1995, under Cabbages & Kings by V.P. Bhatia).

               As a matter of fact the President of Arya Samaj was not at all at fault, because he had acted on the advice of Gandhi.  Still he felt guilty and so much disturbed that he was unable to concentrate on any work.  As told by him, he was spending his time only in social and religious activities.  But in contrast see the old Mahatama, he never felt guilty even after misguiding crores of people, resulting is slaughter of 10 lakhs Hindus and Sikhs, rather he kept on repeating his stupid advice.  For him the life of the Hindus carried no value.  He was worried only about the well being of Muslims, and his own feeble decayed old body, for keeping it alive up to the age of 125 years.

Mahatama Gandhi and Nehru Family guilty of killing 40 lakh Hindus


               Gandhi, Nehru and the Congress-men are guilty of getting killed 10 lakh Hindus and Sikhs in 1947, and another 30 lakhs during 1971 in East Bengal (now Bangladesh).  It is a historical fact, that India was partitioned in 1947 on the basis of Hindus and Muslims; of course Sikhs, Budhists, Jains and Animists of North East were counted with the Hindus.  The Christians were expected to remain where they were at the time of partition.  This basis of partition was accepted by the Congress, including Gandhi and Nehru.  Therefore, it was not only moral duty, but also legal obligation of Congress leaders, who had become the rulers of truncated India, to ensure the safety and well being of the Hindus and Sikhs etc. left in Pakistan.  But Nehru and Gandhi were only concerned about the safety of the Muslims in India, and bluntly refused to accept their responsibility for the safety and well being of Hindus left in Pakistan.

               As a result of Direct Action announced  by Mr. Jinnah and Muslim League, large scale killings of Hindus had taken place in Bengal in August 1946, and of Hindus and Sikhs in West Punjab in early 1947.  Keeping these facts in view. Some British Generals had advised Mr. Nehru to shift Hindu and Sikh population to safe places before partitioning India.  But no attention was paid to this advice. (A letter by B. V. Limaye – Organiser dated 20-9-2000).


               Now let us see, how alert Gandhi was to look after the well being of Muslims. Governor was to be immediately appointed for West Bengal, as the British Governor Burrows was leaving. Sardar Patel proposed the name of K.M. Munshi, but Gandhi felt that his reputation of bring unsympathetic to Muslims disqualified him. Then Patel said to raja Ji (C. Rajagopalachari), and told him that Gandhi and Nehru, both have agreed to it. So Rajaji was deputed as Governor of West Bengal to take care of the interests of those very Muslim League’s Muslims, who had butchered Hindus in Koltaka for creation of Pakistan (see Rajaji story 1937 to 72. by Rajmohan Gandhi – published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan).


               Quite contrary to it, Mr. Sri Prakasa, who was deputed as the first High Commissioner of Indian to Pakistan, had absolutely no interest in the well being of Hindus left in Pakistan, but was very much concerned about the well being of these Muslims, who had migrated from India to Pakistan. He himself admits in this book “{Pakistan-Birth and Early Days on page 43, that “ Constitutionally speaking, I was more responsible for them (i.e. Muslims) because they were Indians, than the Hindus in Pakistan, because they were the primary charge of the Government there (i.e. Pakistan), “He also encouraged these Muslims to return to India, and helped them promptly, if they wanted to do so, so much so that he created bad relations and bitterness with his Dy. High Commissioner, an ICS officer, as he was refusing permits to the Muslims for return to India. (See. Page31).


               Here in Delhi, thousands of intending Muslims were being sent back to their homes from Transit Campos, and even called back from refugee trains at railway station. (see Cabbages & Kinds __ by V.P. Bhatia, Organiser dated 24-4-1994). Not only that, Gandhi had gone on fast-unto-death, and all the conditions which he laid down for ending the fast, were for good treatment to Muslims, vacation of their property, in which Hindu and Sikh refugees from West Pakistan had been settled. One of the conditions was that no Hindu Refugee should be settle din areas dominated by Muslims, without the sweet will of Muslims. (see page 188-89 Last glimpses of Bapu__ by Manuben Gandhi).


               Here it would be relevant to metion one more indident. Dr. Khare, a Hindu Mahasabha leader, asked in the Constituent Assembly, “Whether Government proposed to declare all the Hindus and Sikha residing in Pakistan as nationals of Inida, and claim their protection as such. … Sardar patel in reply said that no government could make any declaration on behalf of anyone…”(see The Tribune dated 9-12-1947). Here we observe, that Sardar Patel, with an image as a strong man, refused to help the dying Hindus in Pakistan. Surely, this was due to the evil effect of his bad company with Gandhi, that he refused to perform his moral and legal duty. How can one expect, that helpless Hindus under harrowing conditions in Pakistan, could come before Sardar Patel and submit written applications for grant of Indian citizenship.


               In such a situation, when Pakistan was bent upon eliminating Hindus and Sikhs, and Indian rulers ignored their duty,. About ten lakhs (one million) Hindus and Sikhs were butchered in 1947, mostly in West Pakistan. The  remaining about 1.5 (one and a half) crore some how reached India. The biggest culprit for this tragedy was surely Gandhi. (see partition the …….phase of the country by H. D. Shourie. The Tribune dated 11-12-1997.


               Gandhi got 10 lakh Hindus killed in 1947. But the daughter of Gandhi’s GEM, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, got thirty Lakhs (3 million) Hindus killed in East Pakistan during 1971. (Bangladesh government has sought apology from Pakistan fo rit. See The Tribune dated January 29, 1998 and Sept. 14, 2000). And practically all these 30 lakhs were Hindus, as is evident from Justice Hamoodur Rahman commission’s report, mentioned by Shri Atal Rawat in his article in the Organiser dated 3rd Sept. 2000. “One officer quoted by India Today as telling the Commission that General Niazi had himself asked as to how many Hindus we had killed. In May there was an order in writing to to kill Hindus. “The Pakistani Army had painted yellow “H” on the house of Hindus, to distinguish them from Muslims.


               The basic question is as to what Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister did to protect the life of Hindu in East Pakistan? Nothing. Instead of punishing one lakh Pakistani soldiers who our security forcers had captured, they were all returned to Pakistan, after entertaining them with good food and all facilities. They all deserved death penalty for crime of killing 30 lakh Hindus, and other heinous crimes. East Bengal was handed over to Muslims of East Bengal who were all guilty of mass murder of Hindus on different occasions, including the on during Direct Action in 1946, Even Buddhist majority  Chittangong Hill Tract(CHT) was given. Buddhist Chakmas from there are now coming to India as refugees,. In what way India has gained from Bangladesh war, in spite of winning it after sacrifices by our armed forces, and huge expenditure? In fact, it would have been better to allow the Muslims of West Punjab and East Bengal to fight against each other, rather than freeing Bangaladesh. Now Bangaladesh is nothing more than another Pakistan, and Pakistan (in the west) has more time and energy to create problems for India, and an excuse that India has broken Pakistan.


Gandhi in AID of Muslim killers of Kolkata Hindus


          As a result of Direct Action from 16th August 1946, announced by Mr. Jinnah and Muslim League for creation fo Pakistan, about 20 thousand Hindus were butchered in just two days at Kolkata alone, and 15 thousand were wounded. At that time there was Muslim League government in Bengal, headed by Suhrawardy as Chief Minister. Mr. Suhrawardy established himself in the Control Room of the police Chief. For two days the police watched, not firing a single round. General Butcher the Army Commander, reported to Lord Wavell, who visited Calcutta on Suhrawardy’s completely communal attitude.”(see page 123-24, Rajaji Story.)


               As already mentioned, Gandhi had deputed Rajaji as Governor of West Bengal to ensure safely of those very Muslims, who had butchered Kolkota Hindus. But Gandhi was not satisfied, and himself reached Kolkata. “To Suhrawardy__ the Mahatama suggested that they live together. __ Suhrawardy agreed. Nearly 200 Hindus demonstrators shouted ‘Go back Gandhi’s as he approached a Belliaghata house, made available to him. “see Rajaji Story p-143).


               “At Kolkata, soon after 15th August” speaking before Muslim Chamber of Commerce, Rajaji made a personal pledge ‘whatever may be my defects or lapses, let me assure you, that I shall never disfigure my life with any deliberate act of injustice to any community whatsoever.” Less than three weeks after independence, there was retaliation in Kolkata against the Muslims, in which some Muslims were killed. As usual, Gandhi made all nonsense shouting against it. “Angry Hindus invaded Gandhi’s residence and accused him of overlooking, what Hindus suffered. A brick and a lathi hurled at him just missed their target. The Mahatma’s attempt to quite the crowd failed. His response was … the announcement of fast. “(see page 148)


               “On the fourth day of the fast, the entire police force in North Calcutta, numbering about 500, and including British and Anglo Indian officers, started 24 house sympathetic fast, while remaining on duty… Late that evening, Rajaji, Kripalani, Suhrawardy and Ghosh told Gandhi, that peace had . While they were conferring, Ram Manohar Lohia the socialist leader led five young men into the room, who confessed their complicity and surrendered arms…at 9.15 pm. He (Gandhi) broke fast…”(page 149 Rajaji Story). This is just to show, how prompt Gandhi was to take care of the Muslims, although the y were criminals and how eager were Gandhi’s followers to satisfy his fallacies.

Gandhi prevented Muslims of East Punjab from migrating to Pakistan. Master Tara Singh opposed Gandhi


               In spite of opposition from Gandhi, Nehru and Maulana Azad, Sikh leader Master Tara Singh was able to get an agreement signed between India and Pakistan at Lahore on 5th Sept. 1947, that there would be complete exchange of population between East Punjab (it included the present states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal) and West Punjab & North West Frontier Province (NWFP). However, in complete disregard of this agreement, Gandhi reached Panipat to prevent migration of Muslims. Master Tara Singh also reached there to counter Gandhi. As per  news in the Tribune dated 6-12-1947. “Master Tara Singh accused the India Government of failure to protect the property of Hindus & Sikhs in West Punjab. He also criticized Mahatma Gandhi and certain officials of the Government who were persuading Muslims in Panipat to stay there. He maintained that there was agreement that there would be total evacuation from both East and West Punjab. “Entire credit for clearing Punjab, Haryana and Himnachal from Muslims goes to Master tara Singh, although cities in these states, are once again getting flooded with Muslims from other places, as they multiply very fast.


               Minister for refugees and rehabilitation in East Punjab, Sardar Ishar Singh Majhail said in a public speech at Banga, that “the originators of the two nation theory (i.e. Pakistan and Muslims) would be faced with serious situation, when they would have to accommodate the evacuees from the whole of India and Pakistan”. (see the Tribune dated 18-10-1947, front page).


Gandhi and Nehru created Kashmir problem and responsible for killings of Hindus


               As a matter of fact, Nehru was in position only due to Gandhi, otherwise Sardar Patel would have been the first Prime Minister of India,. Therefore, Gandhi is responsible for all the wrongs which Nehru did, in addition to his own sins. In his prayer meeting on 20th January 1948 Gandhi said “It should gladden their hearts to note that this beautiful land of theirs had produced such great man, endowed with such wonderful spirit of service and self sacrifice. Jawahar was real Jawahar (Gem) and there were others only not so lustrous perhaps. (see Delhi Diary p – 362). This type of praise was often showered by Gandhi on Nehru.


               It was Gandhi’s conspiracy to remove Maharaja Hari Singh, and give all the powers to Sheikh Abdullah. Gandhi said in his prayer meeting on 25-12-1947, “He considered Sheikh Abdullah to be the real head of Kashmir. Every one who had been to Kashmir had told him. What an unrivalled hold the Sheikh had on the Muslim masses.. He had heard of the murder of numberless Muslims and abduction of Muslim girls in Jammu. The maharaja Sahib must own the responsibility. He (i.e. Gandhi) would advise the Maharaja to step aside along with his ministers. In view of what had happened in Jammu, and give fullest opportunity to Sheikh Abdullah…”(see page 283, Delhi diary). This statement of Gandhi was more dangerous than the demands made by Muslim fundamentalists. Gandhi ignored the existence of Hindu majority Jammu and Buddhist majority Ladakh, and wanted to give the entire State of Jammu and Kashmir to Shiekh who was popular among Muslim masses, where as Islamic fundamentalists would be satisfied with only Kashmir valley. And again, why the same argument should not apply to India. And it should remain with the representatives of Hindus?


               The real position was, that barbarous Pathan Tribes along with Pakistan forces in civilian dress had invaded Jammu and Kashmir. They were indulging in unimaginable atrocities on Hindu and Sikh population in various towns. Instead of advising Nehru to send more and more forces to counter the invasion and atrocities on Hindus, he falsely blamed the Hindus of Jammu. Thus Gandhi committed double sin, one of hiding the atrocities on Hindus and secondly of telling a blatant lie that Hindus were killing Muslims in Jammu.


               Nehru had acted exactly in accordance with the line of thinking of Gandhi. “Nehru had plainly told the Maharaja “First hand over power in Jammu & Kashmir to Sheikh Abdullah: quit Jammu & Kashmir, and go out of state, then accession can be accepted and Indian Troops will reach Srinagar…” (see page 230. Converted Kashmir by Narendra Sehgal).


As a result, the barbaric Pakistani invaders reached Srinagar uninterrupted, after destroying town after town, killing, looting Hindus and doing all sort of atrocities. Here I would like to mention only one incident, to show what they did in Mirpur. Gandhi and Nehru are the real culprits for the crimes which Pakistanis did.

               Mirpur town, situated at stone’s throw from Pakistan border, was headquarters of a district in Jammu & Kashmir and its population was about 10,000 in 1947, with over 80% Hindus inhabitants and the rest being Muslim. Soon after partition in 1947, Muslim families started leaving the town in phased and planned manner. This was a part of the well-thought of strategy of Pakistan to get the city vacated from Muslims. Soon there was influx of Hindu refugees from nearby areas, and the population of the town swelled to about 25 thousands.


               Sensing trouble from Pakistani invaders, about 200 men from Mirpur had met Nehru at the Jammu airport and requested him to send in the army to Mirpur, but Nehru retorted “what good deeds have you people shown for which the army should be sent to Mirput?” the result was, that Pakistani invaders attacked the city on 23rd Nov. 1047. Since there was not enough force, Rao Rattan Singh, the D. C. slipped away from the town along with his trusted officials and the army on 25th Nov with out taking the citizens into confidence. The R. S. S  did a good job, but was no match for the invaders, who had come in very large numbers. Thus Mirpur fell on 25th. People ran helter skelter, women either committed suicide or were killed by their own near and dear to save their honor. Those who thought they could be safe behind closed doors were either killed mercilessly or imprisoned in inhuman conditions.


               The straggler Hindus, running towards Jammu with their families were rounded up by Pakistanis in the infamous Ali Beg Camp. A few were lucky to reach Jammu. Ali Beg Camp’s comparison with Auschenwitz in Germany, where Jews were exterminated en-mass, would not be far fetched. Young and beautiful girls were selected either for the harems or the seller’s market in Arab countries. The males were taken out of the camps on the pretext of labour duties and tortured to death. Ultimately, the International Red Cross came to rescue the helpless refugees, only to find out of the original 25000 people, only 4600 has survived. No trace of the remaining 20400 people could be found. After reaching Ali Beg Camp many girls and women ended their lives by jumping into the Upper Jhelum Canal. (see the fall of Mirpur by S. Kumar Mahajan, Organiser dated 4-1-1998, by Anupama Mahajan and Sansar Chander, in The Tribune Saturday Plus dated 29-11-97, and Tearful Memories of the town that was by Sansar Chander himself a victim, The Tribune dated 21-11-1998.)


               One can easily see that Mr. Nehru intentionally refused to save the lives of Hindus. Therefore, Gandhi and Nehru are personally guilty of genocide/of the Hindus, and can be counted in the category of criminals.












               According to Gandhi, if Hindus allow themselves to be killed by Muslims, without offering any kind of resistance, then it is a practice of non-violence, which he used to preach to the Hindus. Non observance of this type of meekness, made Hindus as anti-Muslim in the eyes of Gandhi. K. M. Munshi writes in the book (Pilgrimage to Freedom, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Page 75-76) that “Next day I wrote to Gandhiji………that Hindus should not be prevented from defending themselves even by resorting to violence, when their womenfolk, children and homes were the victims of planned communal frenzy………/ He advised me to see him…..However, he advised me that, if I felt so, I should do so by going out of the Congress.” (Cabbages & Kinds by V.P. Bhatia, ORGANISER dated December 31, 1995). It was because of this view of K.M. Munshi, that Gandhi considered him as anto-Muslim and unfit to be posted as the Governor of West Bengal. And it was because of this perverted thinking of Gandhi, that he addressed Moplas, the killers of Hindus, as “My brave Mopla Brothers”, because they had followed their religion Islam, by killing Hindus the “Kafirs”.


               Thus, Gandhi had two sets of standards. One for the Hindus, and another quite opposite for the Muslims. He even went to the extent of saying that “It did not matter, what was being done to non-Muslims (ie. Hindus and Sikhs)in Pakistan…..(Delhi Dairy Page – 57, Gandhi’s Prayer speech dt. 7-10-47). One can see, two dangerously treacherous Gandhi was for the Hindus and India.


               Gandhi butcherer of Cows:-Gandhi said that “Cow protection is the gift of Hinduism to the world. And Hinduism will live  so long as there are Hindus to protect the cow…..The cow protection which can bring one moksha (i. E. salvation) must, from its very nature, include the protection of every thing that feels……”(ORGANISER dated Feb.9, 1997). Gandhi often spoke against cow slaughter, and associated it with freedom struggle. At a meeting on the occasion of Gopashtmi in 1921. He got a resolution passed which stated that if cow slaughter is not banned by law, there will be non-cooperation with the British government throughout the country. This meeting was held at Pataudi House in Delhi, and among those present were Hakim Ahmal Khan, Dr. Ansari, Lala Lajpatrai, Pt. Moti lal Nehru and Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya, besides other Congress leaders. After this “Gauraksha Sammelan “began to be organised along with Congress sessions. Cow Protection was projected as a precondition for independence. (see an article “Will Rishi Dayanand Saraswati’s warning come true ?- by Ramashankar Agnihotri, ORGANISER dt. Feb.26, 1995). But this was all drams by Gandhi to befool Hindus to become his followers.


               Soon after 15th August 1947, lakhs of letters and thousands of telegrams were received by Gandhi, requesting him to ban cow slaughter. Gandhi, castigated Hindus. That cow slaughter cannot be stooped by letters and telegrams, as ban on cow slaughter will mean injustice to the Muslims. In his prayer speech on 4th Nov. 1947, while opposing ban on cow slaughter, he again said” – was Union (i.e. India) to be theocratic state and were tenets of Hindus to be imposed on non-Hindus? He (i.e. Gandhi) yielded to non in his devoted worship of the cow. But that devotion could not be imposed by law. “(page 139-40 Delhi dairy). Here one can question, why he was threatening the British government to impose ban on cow slaughter by law? Were there no Muslims in India at that time? Certainly he was not sincere in making demand for ban on cow slaughter, but was saying so, only to make Hindus as his followers. Thus Gandhi was no different from the present corrupt politicians, who make false promises and attractive slogans to befool the people.


               Here it is worth nothing, that during the British rule, no beef or meat of other animals was exported from India. Cow slaughter was done on small scale by local Muslims and Christians for their own consumption. British government also did not encourage cow slaughter. But after 1947 Gandhi’s GEM – Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru made special efforts to boost up meat production. More and more slaughter houses were been given the status of an industry. Such patronage to slaughter of cows was not given even by cruel Muslim rulers like Aurangzeb. At present there are 18 big mechanized abattoirs and 36000 small slaughter houses, in which 3 crore cows and buffaloes, and ten crore smaller animals like sheeps and goats are slaughtered every year. The entire sin for this crime against innocent dumb poor animals and cows, goes to Gandhi, Nehru, their followers, supporters and all those who vote for the Congress.


               When a number of Hindu organizations RSS, Arya Samaj, All India Anti-Cow slaughter Committee started agitation and created public opinion in favor of ban on cow slaughter. Nehru made a statement in Parliament  and said “I will resign but not give in to banning cow slaughter.” On April 2, 1955, he thundered in the Lok Sabha. “ I would advise the State governments not to bring the cow slaughter prohibition law in the Assembly nor allow it to be passed. “ In February 1955, The Health Minister in Nehru’s Government wrote to various state government regarding preparation of drugs from different parts of cows and bullocks etc. and made arrangements for opening slaughter houses in Delhi and Bombay. (See ORGANISER dated Feb. 26, 1995).


               Many followers of Gandhi blame Hindus, that they do not accept any cooked food from Muslims, and treat them as unclean. Hindus very correctly do so. Muslims slaughter cows inside mosques, specially on Bakr-Id days, and consider it to be auspicious. There was a big mosque in front of our house in Kulachi-a town in District Dera Ismail Khan (N.W.F.P.) before partition, There cows was slaughtered inside the mosque on Bakr-Id. How a civilized person could keep social relations with such savage people; much less the Hindus who have been the victims of Muslim atrocities for more than one thousand years. In Valmiki Ramayana. It is said “that Lakshman took a vow before Mother Kaushalaya, that he be treated as guilty of touching the cow with foot. If he was found involved in sending Rama to exile.”  That has been the Hindu tradition that even touching a cow with foot was considered to be a sin. Naturally, Hindus consider Muslims to be unclean community.


It is not for nothing that one feels tempted to recall an ancient Chinese saying, “Do good in this life, so that next time, you may be born in Bharat.”



               Before partition of India in 1947, Gandhi generally spoke in favor of use of Hindi, and was twice Chairman of the “Hindi Sahitya Sammelan”. As 15th August 1947 came nearer and nearer, he changed his posture and started opposing Hindi. On 24th July 1947, he started in his speech, that “although I have been twice Chairman of the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, still I am of the view, that Hindi and Devnagri script cannot be the National language of India. “(See Page – 286, Gandhi Sahitya Prarthana Pravachan, Part –1)


               In the meantime, the U.P. Government announced Hindi as the official language of the state. Gandhi was extremely angry and stated in his prayer speech on 15th October 1947 that “He had seen a paragraph in the press that henceforth the official language of the U.P. would be Hindi with Devnagri script. It hurt him. Of all the Muslims in the Indian Union, nearly one forth resided in U. P. -----------------The right thing would be to keep both the scripts (ie. Devnagri and Persian) and use of either acceptable in all official dealings ------------. They should treat the Muslims as equal citizens. Equality of treatment demands respect for Urdu script. They must not produce a state in which respectable life was impossible and still claim that they did not want Muslims or driving them away or suppressing them in any way. _______________”(see page –88, Delhi Dairy).


               The above statement of Gandhi is in no way less provocative and poisonous than the statements of Muslim Fundamentalists. However, Jinnah and Muslim League were more reasonable and balanced in their views. They had stated a number of times that after the creation of Pakistan as a homeland for the Muslims. The best of the India could develop himself according to Hindu culture and traditions. The above statement of Gandhi gave a new life to the dead Muslim League and fundamentalism in truncated India, the results of which can be seen now. Muslims are now dreaming of creating another homeland in truncated India.















Gandhi suggested weaker section of the Hindus to embrace Islam and Christianity. Hindus should be grateful to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


               In 1932, the British Prime Minister announced Communal Award, according to which there was to be separate electorate for Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and scheduled Castes. Gandhi did not utter even a single word against separate electorate for others, but resorted to fast –unto death against Scheduled Castes. Rather, Gandhi suggested, that he will have no objection if S.Cs leave Hinduism and embrace Islam and Christianity. (See p-10 Dr. Ambedkar – Vyekti aur Vichar)


               Dr. Ambedkar observed, that “my only regret is, why did not Mahatmaji take the attitude at the R.T> C (Round Table Conference)” If he had shown the same consideration to my point of view, it would not have been necessary for hi to go through the ordeal” (fast) Here it may be recalled that he(i.e. Ambedkar) had in his report to Simon Commission demanded Joint electorate (with caste Hindus) with reserved seats but it was Gandhi’s determined opposition to the demand of the untouchables, whgich worsened the situation, and even compelled Ambedkar to switch over to separate electorates (see page – 141, Ambedkar Policies and  Scheduled Castes – by Prem Prakas- Ashish Publishing House, New Delhi).


               “The Mahatama tried to enter into an agreement with Muslims and the Congress. He offered to the Muslims all fourteen claims, which they had  put forth on their behalf, and in return asked them to join him in resisting the claim for social representation made by me(i.e. Ambedkar ) on behalf of depressed classed. “(page – 139). This shows the extent of meanness to which Gandhi could stoop low, and agreed to accept the undue demands of Muslims to deprive the depressed Hindus of their due rights. Gandhi;s stand was that, he had no objection. If these depressed Hindus embrace Islam and Christianity, but as Hindus they cannot have any right.


               Caste Hindus should be grateful to Dr. Ambedkar for three reasons. Firstly, he never joined hands with Muslims to fight for the cause at depressed classes. On the other hand Gandhi joined hands with Muslims against depressed Hindus. Even if Dr. Ambedkar had embraced Islam or Christianity as a revenge, and persuaded his followers to do the same, the caste Hindus had no right to blame him. But he did not do so, for which he deserves all the praise.


               Secondly, Dr. Ambedkar published a book in 1940 “Thoughts on Pakistan”, in which he suggested, that Pakistan should be accepted with complete exchange of Hindu and Muslim population. Here I would like to quote him to show that he was the only wise and intelligent leader, who understood the reality, analyzed the situation correctly and cautioned the Hindus well in time. He wrote:


               “The so called common features in social customs and the manners of the Hindus and the Muslims were result of incomplete conversion and not sign of common culture. The bitterness of the invasions and conversions was so deep seated that a century of political life under British Rule had neither succeeded in assuaging nor people forget it. The Hindus cherish the memories of the warriors who had fought the Islam. The argument that Pakistan would weaken the defense of India was fallacious because the Indian Army had been for over a hundred years, predominantly Muslim in its composition and that too Muslims from Punjab  and NWFP. The question hwo this army of Punjab and N.W.F.P. Muslims will behave if Afghanistan invades India is very pertinent and a crucial question and must be faced, however, unpleasant it may be. To oppose Pakistan on this ground is to buy a sure weapon of their own destruction. A safe army is better than a safe border. (p-328-30 Genesis of Pakistan___by V.V. Nagarkar.)


               Dr. Ambedkar further suggested, that along with creation of Pakistan, we should

Have “Completer Exchange of Muslims left in India with Hindus left behind in Pakistan, as logical corollary of Partition.” Had we accepted his advice, there would have been no killings of Hindus during partition in 1946-48, and exchange of population would have been orderly and peaceful. Mr. Jinnah too wanted the same thing. India would have been free from communal problem. And very strong and prosperous nation. But see, what treachery Gandhi has done? By following Gandhi, Hindus have destroyed their country, and are suffering in all possible manners.


               The third reason for gratefulness to Dr. Ambedkar is that he came to the conclusion that Aryans were not foreign invaders, but  belonged to India. This he wrote in his book “who were the Shudras? (An article by Devendra Swarup in Arya Jagat dated 10-09-1995). The followers of Gandhi and Nehru still believe in the false theory of foreign invasion by Aryans, just like biased European writers. If some efforts to rectify the ancient history on the basis of our own records is done, the Gandhians create lot of noise. Those stupid Hindus, who oppose Anbedkar and follow Gandhi are the biggest enemy of the nation.



















According to Gandhi Rama and Krishna never existed


               All sects of Hindus, followers of Sanatan Dharma. Arya Samaj. Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains etc accept the historicity of Rama and Krishna. But according to Gandhi neither Rama was ever born nor Krishna but they were only imagination of the writers. He said  in Harijan dated 27th July 1937 that “I do not mention the name of Rama and Krishna, because they were not historical figures, but I am inclined to mention the names of Abu-Bakr and Umar. “Gandhi in his statement in in the “Tej” dated 5th October 1925 said “Mahabharata’s Krishna never existed on the earth.”


               Gandhiji’s views are similar to European Christian writers, many of whom do not believe in the historicity of Rama and Krishna. They also do not believe that Indian history and culture could be so old extending to millions and millions of years. According to our traditional calculations based on ‘Yugas” Hindus are as old as the creation of this earth and about 2000 million years, and to be precise 1, 97, 29, 49, 102 years and total age of the earth is 4,32,00,00, 000 years as per the Vedas and astrology-Jyotish. It is only the Hindus of this earth, who have maintained the calculation of creation of this earth, which is unique in itself.


               One may question Gandhi and his followers, as to why he was befooling the people by frequent references to Rama Rajya. If Rama did not exist, how there could be Rama Rajya? And Gandhi’s GEM Mr. Nehru used to ridicule concept of Rama Rajya. On Pare 72 of “Jawaharlal Nehru __ An Autobiography “he says “Even some of Gandhiji’s phrases sometimes, jarred me thus his frequent reference to Ram Rajya as golden age which was to return. But I was powerless to intervene, and I consoled myself with the thought that Gandhiji used the words because they were well known and understood by the masses. He had amazing knack of reaching the heart of the people.


               From the above it is clear, that Nehru had contempt for Ram Rajya, but thought that Gandhi was using this term only to attract the masses. In other words, Nehru believed that Gandhi was simply befooling the people by talking of Ram Rajya, to create followers. Thus Gandhi was a big cheat, even as per Nehru.













Gandhi denounced Arya Samaj and Swami Dayanand


               Swamy dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj, was the greatest man of this times. And was the first during the British rule, who talked of freedom and self-rule. He worked for removal of social evils in Hindu Society, and eradication of religious dogmas and superstitions. Due to subjugation by Muslim rulers and British for more than one thousand years, Hindus had developed an inferiority complex. There was large scale conversion of Hindus to Islam and Christianity.


               He told the Hindus, that their religion based on the Vedas is the most ancient religion in the world, and universal in nature. He challenged Islam and Christianity, and by logic proved the superiority of Hindu Dharma. He was able to stop conversion of Hindus, and opened the doors of Hinduism for those how wanted to come back to the foods of their old religion. Even certain Christian preachers, who had come to India to convert Hindus, embraced Hinduism under the influence of Arya Samaj. Gandhi’s characterless son Hira Lal Gandhi, who had embraced Islam was brought back to the folds of Hinduism by Arya Samaj.


               About such a great man and such a unique society the Arya Samaj, Gandhi write in “young India” dated 28th May 1924, that he has not seen any book more disappointing than “Satyarth Prakash.” Further he says that Swami Dayanand converted liberal Hinduism into a narrow minded one, and Arya Samajists indulge in abducting women. (See Arya Jagat dated 13th Nov. 1994).


               As a matter of fact Arya Samaj rescued those helpless Hindu women, who were abducted by Muslims. For this purpose, Arya Samaj established many Ashrams or rehabilitation homes. From the statement of Gandhi one can see how fraudulent a liar he was. He committed double sin, firstly by  hiding the crimes of the Muslims, and secondly by making false charges against Arya Samaj.


               But I find that most of the Arya Samajists these days have become stupid, majority of their scholars, preachers, writers etc are blind followers of Gandhi, and practically all of them, like rest of the Hindus consider Gandhi to be an ideal. Many of them would say, that Gandhi was Father of the nation, and Swami Dayanand Grand father of the Nation as if Gandhi followed Swami Dayanand. Thus these Arya samajist cum Gandhians tarnish the image of Swami Dayanand by putting both in the same category. All such people are guilty of doing great disservice to Hinduism and the country. Gandhi’s whole life was full of such sinful acts, and his followers have to share all those sins. Gandhi was not even fit to be an ordinary student of Swami Dayanand Saraswati a great scholar and towering personality.






Hindu Dharm : Faith of Freedom and Way of Life


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              Religion is dogmatic : Rely upon it or hell : Dharm is virtue oriented, ready to embrace anything which is humane. Religion fears changes. Dharm welcomes changes. Religion or mazahal enchains a particular prophet an dparticular book. Dharm fears (no bondage at all). Hindu dharm is not a religion or mazahab. It is not an ‘ism’ which represents temporary reactions, born today and dying tomorrow. This is the only book which differentiates between ‘ism’ the dwarf and ‘Dharm’ the gigantic.


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Gandhi treacherous behavior on Marytrdom of Swami shradhanand and Sardar Bhagat Singh


               Although Swami Shraddhanand was an Arya Samaj leader, he had close association with Gandhi.  After the massacre of Jalinwala Bagh in 1919, no body had the courage to hold Congress Session at Amritsar. At the critical time, Swami Shraddhanand ventured  to be the chief guest and chairman, and successfully conducted the Congress session. Secondly, he lead a group of Satyagrahis in Ghantaghar area at Delhi. When British soldiers were ordered to shoot the demonstrators, he challenged and thundered “first shoot me in my chest.”  Therefore, the soldiers did not dare to shoot the satyagrahis. He was the first to sign the oath for participating in the satyagraha movement, and acted like right hand of Gandhi.


               But Gandhi showed his mean-ness, when Swami Shraddhanand was brutally assassinated by one Muslim fundamentalist Addul Rashid on 23rd December 1925. The Muslims rejoiced over it. Gandhi neither denounced the gruesome murder, nor did he demand that culprit be punished. On the contrary, he wrote a letter to the murderer, addressing him as “Pyare Bhai Rashid” (i.e. dear brother Rashid). Later he established brotherly relations with Rashid. It was British rule, and they believe din justice in such matters. Abdul Rashid was promptly arrested and sentenced to death. Gandhi immediately petitioned to the Viceroy for clemency to the murderer, but it was rejected and the culprit hanged to death. (see A view of Gandhism by A.B. Kelkar, Organiser dated 2-2-1997)


               The same very Gandhi had refused to plead the case of Sardar Bhagat Singh, for mitigating the sentence to life imprisonment, who was sentenced to death for killing a British police officer as revenge for fatal lathi blows to Lala lajpath Rai. Rather Gandhi said, that Bhagat Singh and his associates must be punished for their sinful crime. (see Arya Jagat dt. 13-11-1994 and Cabbages & Kings by V. P. Bhatia, Organiser dated n16-12-1997).


He condemned Arya Samaj and Hindu Mahasabha’s non-violent movement as communal and anti-national and supported the oppressor Nizam, the Muslim Ruler of Hyderabad


               The Nizam of Hyderabad had banned Satyarth Prakash a religious book of Arya Samaj, and imposed many restrictions on worship in Hindu Temples in his state. Therefore, they started non-violent movement in 1939 against the oppressive orders of the Muslim ruler. During that period Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement was also going on. Gandhi advised the Hyderabad State congress to call off its civil disobedience movement on the ground that “the Arya Samaj and the Hindu Mahasabha activities should not be confused with that of the state Congress. The struggle has assume communal color. If you resume your civil disobedience, it will be difficult for you to retain your nationalistic character.” (Harijan dated 20th Jan. 18th Feb, and 27th May, 1939, Cabbages & Kings by V.P. Bhatia Organiser dated 3-12-1955)

               Gandhi further explained in a letter to Rajkumari Amrit Kaur on 31st July 1939,”I was anxious not to embarrass his exalted Highness, the Nizam’s Government as long as I could help it.” ( Organiser dated 3-12-1955).

               One can see that the Hindus, who were being suppressed by the bigoted Nizam have been described as communal and anti-national by Gandhi, whereas the oppressor Nizam is receiving all the respect from the same Gandhi.  All the followers of Gandhi have been behaving exactly in the same manner, which has resulted in rise of Muslim fundamentalism, which was considered as dead after partition in 1947. This had made India a very soft state.

               Followers of Gandhi should explain, why Gandhi did not give a similar advice to Nizam, that he should leave the state and hand over the same to the representatives of the Hindus.  This Gandhi had advised Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu & Kashmir to leave the state and hand over the reign of the state to the representative of Muslims, Sheikh Abdullah, although the Maharaja never imposed any restrictions on the Muslim subjects of his state.

Gandhi’s treacherous truthfulness and telling that Pakistan could be created over his dead body



               Gandhi writes in his “Sankshipt Aatma Katha” (brief autobiography) on page 226-27, that “I consider Truth as God.” He generally used to say that “non-violence and truth are my two lungs. I cannot exist without them.” We have seen how treacherous he was in his, non-violence.  His truth was also a fraud, and meant only to cheat Hindus.  Only one example would suffice.

               In 1943, Rajaji (C. Rajagopalachari) devised a formula for creation of Pakistan and got Gandhi’s assent.  Gandhi authorized him to start negotiations with Jinnah.  His talks with Jinnah failed, because Jinnah wanted whole of Punjab, whole of Bengal, Assam apart from NWFP, Baluchistan, Sind etc.  Rajaji’s formula provided only those areas, which had Muslim majority the same which constituted Pakistan in 1947.  In 1944, Gandhi himself personally discussed creation of Pakistan on the basis of the same Rajaji formula, and had 14 meetings in 18 days starting from 9th September to 27th September 1944, at Jinnah’s Malabar Hill Bungalaw in Mumbai.  Gandhi insisted that even after creation of Pakistan, there should be three common subjects including defense.  Jinnah summarily rejected it saying that after getting Pakistan, he would invade India with the help of other countries. (Page 45 Divide and Quit by – Penderel Moon London/ Cabbages & Kings by V.P. Bhatia Organizer dt. 22-9-1996).

               From the above description, it is clear, that Gandhi had not only agreed to the creation of Pakistan in 1943, but also had serious discussions with Jinnah on the issue.  But during 1945-46 elections, he cheated Hindus by declaring the Pakistan could be created over his dead body only to win election. Hindus living in the region which formed Pakistan, had full faith in Gandhi’s words right up to the end. I was studying in Arya High School Sialkot (now in Pakistan) in those days, and only a couple of months before partition, some new rooms were constructed, under the belief that there would be no Pakistan.  This fraud by Gandhi, of doing some things, and telling just the opposite, resulted in large scale murders of Hindus and Sikhs.  Had Gandhi told the facts, and observed the transparency in his conduct, the people would have made their arrangements well in time to escape from Pakistan.  Here it would not be out of place to mention, that it was Lord Mountbatten, the then Viceroy, who convinced Jinnah that he could get only Muslim majority regions for Pakistan, which Gandhi could not do.  On page 75,’Partition and Aftermath’ – by Kewal Singh, it has been stated by him that “one evening, we were at a reception at the Viceregal Lodge at Simla with some dozen other eminent guests.  As we were entering the banquet hall, Lord Mountbatten stopped me at the entrance and mentioned, that Jinnah was greatly shocked at the partitioning of the provinces of Bengal and Punjab between India and Pakistan.  Standing exactly there, he told Mountbatten that he would not accept truncated Pakistan. “It is here” Mountabatten added, the he told him bluntly,” Mr. Jinnah, you asked for Pakistan and you will now have it.  If Pakistan must have Muslim majority areas, the Hindus majority areas have the right to join India.”

               From the above events following points arise.  (a) Did Gandhi talk to Jinnah as representative of Hindus? If not, then in which capacity he talked? If he represented both Hindus as well as Muslims, then how he offered to Jinnah Muslim majority areas to form Pakistan? (b) If he was representative of Hindus while talking to Jinnah, why he did not declare it, and openly, and why he did not watch Hindu’s interests after that? This is a biggest fraud which he did, which over-shadows all good works if at all he did. (c) The logic given by Lord Mount Batten to Jinnah to shut his mouth, could have been given by Gandhi also. This goes to prove, that Gandhi was poor in logic, and British were judicious and not against Hindus or pro-Muslims.  Therefore, it would be unjustified for the followers of Gandhi to blame the British for all their own failures and stupid acts.

               And lastly there is no limit to the asinine stupidity of the Hindus as a whole, who raised a fraudulent full headed person to the level of Father of the Nation, who was not only responsible for the slaughter of 10 lakhs Hindus and Sikhs, but inflicted numerous wrongs on the nation. Smaller gods like Rajender Prasad, Morarji Desai, Vinobha Bhave, Lal Bahadur Shastri etc. who called themselves as true Gandhians, and supported him in all the wrongs, are all criminals for betraying the Hindus.

Gandhi was a coward he did not say “Hey Ram” but urinated and was frothing and fuming in his mouth



               Gandhi himself admits in his Atma Katha (Autobiography in Hindi) page-19, that “ I was very coward, and remained afraid of thieves, snakes, ghosts etc., and had no courage to go alone at night.  It was impossible for me to sleep at night without putting the lights on.  Again I felt shy of telling these weaknesses to my wife. “This was the mental health of Gandhi, when he was not a child, but had grown up and entered manhood.  This cowardice remained with him throughout his life.

               In his speech on 18-1-1948, he said “He was not a fortune teller, but God has given him intellect and understanding enough to know, that if for some reason or the other, they (i.e. Hindus) could not be friends with the Muslims of the Union (i.e. India), the Muslims of the whole world would be antagonized and they (i.e. Hindus) would lose India. (Delhi Diary page-354).

               From the above it is clear that Gandhi considered unity among the Muslims of the whole world as a natural and desirable phenomena.  Then why he against the unity of the Hindus within the only and one country, India? Why he advised the Hindus living in the truncated India, not to bother about what was being done to the Hindus left in Pakistan? Since he himself was coward he wanted all the Hindus to be cowards, and feel afraid of Muslims.  But his followers consider him to be an ideal fearless man, so much so that that “Hey Ram” cam out of his mouth, when he was fired upon as if he had full faith in Ram.  These are all canards and lies, spread by his followers.

               The facts have been disclosed in “Shakti Samachar of 1st July 1996, 16 Macus Lane, Kolkota-7”. It reads M.K. Gandhi did not say Hey Ram when he died by Nathu Ram Godse’s bullets.  Only stifled sound came out of his mouth which sounded like phoose.  Godse had said that at the time of his trial, but no one believed him at that time. Gandhi has been presented to the world as a courageous man, who did not fear death and died with the name of Ram on his lips and many such cock and bull stories.  Actually, the cowardly Gandhi was very frightened man and when shot and dying, he urinated profusely in his dhoti, he was frothing and fuming n his mouth and he dropped like a bag of potatoes.”  The truth came out of Gandhi’s former aide Mr. V. Kalyanam on Wednesday Feb. 8, 1999.  Speaking at the Forum of Loud Thinking Chennai, V. Kalyanam said,”I missed the bullets by six inches and I know exactly what happened on that day. The entire universe has been fooled with something which did not happen.”

               Gandhi’s adversary Mr. Jinnah, considered him a coward like a goat, has given a very realistic and interesting image of Gandhi. As mentioned on page 244 in the book “ Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Creation of Pakistan by – Sailesh Kumar Bhandopadhyaya”. It reads: “On Oct. 10, in a public meeting organized by Quetta Leage, he ridiculed the non-violent satyagraha of Gandhi and said sarcastically to obtain leadership, to sit like a goat under the police lathi-charge, then to go to jail, then to complain of loss of weight and then manage release (loud laughers)…….”

               We can see how accurate Jinnah was in his assessment of Gandhi.




Mr. Jinnah was reasonable, it was Gandhi who betrayed Hindus

Mr. Jinnah was  a straight forward courageous person. But Gandhi was in the habit of telling lies and twisting facts. Mr. Jinnah was quite clear in his concept, when he declared in this presidential address ot the 27th session of Muslim League at Lahore in March 1940 “We (Muslims) are a nation of a hundred million (total population of Muslims in undivided India at that time was about hundred million) and what more, we are a nation with our own distinctive culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nomenclatures, sense of value and proportion, legal laws and moral codes, custom and calendar, history and traditions, aptitudes and ambitions, in short we have our own distinctive outlook on life and of life. By all means of international law we are a nation. “(see The Tribune, Sunday Reading, dated 23-11-1993, an article by Ajay Ahuja “Ayodhya and After.)


               Further we can see, how reasonable Muslim League and Jinnah were to the Hindus in their argument for creation fo Pakistan, as mentioned on page 7 of “Some aspects of Pakistan” by Jamil-ud-din Ahmed, and quoted by Lal Bahadur in his book “Struggle for Pakistan”, page 235. It reads “Another argument in the League propaganda was that Pakistan meant freedom both for the Hindus and Muslims, while Hindus demand for a united India meant Hindu Rule and Muslim subjugation. The League aimed at “Sovereign States for Hindus and Muslims in their homelands, guaranteeing to each the power and opportunity to work out his destiny in his own way according to his genius, tradition and culture.


               It is clear that Jinnah did not want only a Muslim homeland in the shape of Pakistan, but also had the magnanimity to give similar opportunity to the Hindus to have their own homeland in the shape of Truncated India (i.e. present India). So much so, that on 10th January 1941, Jinnah observed at the annual meeting of the Muslim Education Service League at Mumbai, that “all the parties concerned in India should accept Pakistan Scheme and take steps to resettle the Hindus and the Muslims in their respective homelands. “(page 332 Genesis of Pakistan by V.V.Nagarkar).


Again on 30th 1947, when the creation of Pakistan was almost decided, Jinnah stated in no uncertain terms that “if Hindu minority in Pakistan wishes to emigrate and go to their homelands of Hindustan, they will be at liberty to do so and vice verse those Muslims who wish to emigrate from Hindustan can do so and go to Pakistan, and sooner or later exchange of population will have to take place and the constituent Assemblies of Pakistan and Hindustan can take up the matter and subsequently the respective governments in Pakistan and Hindustan can effectively carry out the exchange of population. “(page 457 Genesis of Pakistan).




Jinnah’s statement was very clear and balanced, and did no injustice to the Hindus. But quite contrary to it, Gandhi stated on 24th Sept, 1947 in his prayer speech that “If Congress and the British had not agreed, there would be no Pakistan today. The Muslims of Pakistan were entitled to it. “(page 35 Delhi Diary). Thus according to Gandhi Pakistan was meant for the Muslims already living in Pakistan, not for the Muslims living in Truncated India nor for the Hindus left in Pakistan. Thus India was meant to be Dharamshala or an inn, where every body could live. Gandhi again and again stressed that India not be. “Hindus Raj”, and did not matter what was being done to non-Muslims in Pakistan (Delhi Dairy page 57 and 71).


Thus Gandhi deprived Hindus of their homeland, which Jinnah had very generously accepted to give. The net result is, that we the most ancient nation in the world are without a homeland. There is no one to care about the poor Hindus coming from Bengladesh or Pakistan. Nor anybody has the guts to expel illegal Muslims infiltrators from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The basic reason for Indian’s becoming a very soft state, in capable of preventing mischief by Pakistani agents, is the presence of 15 crore Muslims in India. In Hindu India they would have never dared to create troubles.


If Gandhi and Nehru were not representatives of the Hindus, why did they assume power in truncated India?



Gandhi and Nehru did not say publicly even once in their whole life, that they were representatives of the Hindus. One of the serious charge against them is. “What right had they to assume powers to rule Truncated India, which was meant to be homeland for the Hindus, even as per statements of Jinnah. If they had any moral courage, they should have told the Viceroy that they did not represent the Hindus, and power should be handed over to the representatives of the Hindus.


Even the British government transferred power to Nehru and the Congress under the impression that they represented Hindus. In December 1946, when Baldev Singh along with Nehru and Jinnah went to London, they were mentioned by the British press as representatives of the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs (the Tribune dated 27-1-1948). It is clear that Nehru went there as a representative of Hindus, but he never preformed his duties towards Hindus. This shows that when they attended the meetings with the British govt. or with Mr. Jinnah, they behaved, posed as representatives of the Hindus only to get hold of the share of the Hindus, but betrayed them later. Their followers should explain this misconduct of their leaders.


In his prayer speech on 30th September 1947 Gandhi said that “some friends from Mianwali (West Punjab) had seen him during the day. The friends from Mianwali told him that they were afraid that those who were left behind might either be forcibly converted, murdered or starved and women abducted.


They asked if it was not the duty of the Union (i.e. Indian) government to protect them. “there were two ways of protecting the minorities in Pakistan. The best way was that Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah and his ministers should inspire the minorities with confidence as to their safety so that they might not have to look to the sister dominion (i.e. India). It was up to Pakistan authorities to keep vacated properties in trust for the evacuees. Surely there should be no forcible conversions nor abductions. “(page 50 Delhi Diary). One can see how shamelessly Gandhi refused to help. Such examples of treacherous betrayal cannot be found in the world’s history. In short, Gandhi meant that wolves should ensure the safety of sheep. Here it may be stated, that an agreement already existed, which was signed on 5th Sept, 1947, all due to efforts of Master Tara Singh, at Lahore, according to which there was to be complete exchange of population between West and East Punjab and government of India was duty bound to shift all Hindus and Sikhs safely from West Punjab to East Punjab. It was criminally shameful on the part of Gandhi, that he sent Hindu and Sikhs from West Punjab Blank, instead of directing the government of India to fulfill its obligations.



Gandhi said that army should clean latrines. Insult to brave soldiers


Country’s defense is the first and the foremost duty of any government. India has been victim of foreign invasions, specially by the Muslims, and the inhuman treatment which these invading hordes inflicted upon the Hindus for centuries, has no parallel in the history of mankind. India which was spread up to Afghanistan (Gandhara) and Asia (Kamboja) as per ancient Buddhist literature, has now reduced to half of what it was about a thousand years ago. Still Gandhi, Nehru and their followers, completely ignored the defense forces, and were rather hostile to them. It looks that Gandhians have contempt for the brave soldiers.


Soon after partition of India, the misguide of the nation. Gandhi issued a statement that “I refuse to call the profession of a sepoy honorable. Today they must plough the land, dig the wells, clean latrines” (The Defense and Foreign Policies of India –by V. Longer sterling Publishers. (A review in The Tribune dated 25-6-99).


On 5th Sept. 1947, he said “In the state run by him, there would be no police, no military. But he was not running the government of Indian Union. “(page 138 Mahatma by D.G. Tendulkar/Organiser dated 8-6-1947)


On 4th December 1947, he again said “Militarisation of India would mean her own destruction as well as of the whole world. “(p-213 Mahatama, Organiser dated 8-6-1997. Cabbages and Kinds by V.P. Bhatia). This Gandhi said when Pakistan had already invaded Kashmir, and slaughter of Hindus and abduction fo Hindu women was done on large scale.


The first Gandhian President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, while addressing a gathering of Gandhi Peace Foundation in 1950 called upon India to disband her army in order to set an example for rest of the world. (see letter by Dr. Arvind S. Godbole, Organiser dated 27-10-1996).


Following Gandhian tradition, Nehru sent very small force to face the  Pakistani invaders in Jammu and Kahsmir. Lt. Gen. I. P. Sen the commander of the first Indian Brigade that cleared the Kashmir valley of Pakistani led tribal borders upon Uri within 18 days was soon after halted in its advance, and prevented from pushing up to  Muzaffarabad, says in his book “Slender was the Thread. “ There was frustrating denial of reinforcements and support from the political leadership at Delhi. Further Lt. Gen says in his book, “The ratio of Indian Defense forces to Paki hordes in Kashmir was one to six at the most critical time,. And not more than one to three at any time. But they could have won still, if New and now Pakistan “(see Organiser dated 19-7-1998. Cabbage and Kinds by V.P. Bhatia). Nehru remained completely oblivious of the country’s defense,. When he was reminded o fit, his reply was “Defense against whom?” (An article by M.M> Kotharia in Organiser dated 6-12-1998).

Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri also did the same thing. The areas captured by our brave Jawans with their blood during 1965 was with Pakistan, which included Hindu Majority district of Tharparkar in Sind province, and parts of our own J & K were returned by him at Tashkand, and he died of heart attack there itself.  Followers of Gandhi declared this coward man as a martyr.  Had he died before going to Tashkand, the sacrifices of the security forces would not have gone waste.  It was our bad luck that such a timid and incompetent person became our Prime Minister.  Mrs. Raj Thapar, a personal guide of Indira Gandhi gives a very realistic and interesting image of Mr. Shastri.  She say “Indira Gandhi’s magical circle was regaled with stories of how Shastri trembled at the very mention of air raids and bombing, how he fled his own house every night.  Indira Gandhi was the main source of this information. She expended much effort in painting a picture of a trembling mouse and because of his diminutive frame fitted so effortlessly.” (Cabbages & Kings by V.P. Bhatia, Organizer dated Dec. 14, 1997).


In this connection, I would like to mention an incident, which Dr. Suraj Bhan, previously M. P. from Ambala Lok Sabha constituency, and now Governor of Himachal Pradesh, narrated in a meeting in a local temple, a year or two ago.  As a worker of Jan Sangh and RSS he went to a military hospital during 1965 war with Pakistan to meet injured soldiers, to ask about their well being and to distribute sweets as token of goodwill. One of the soldiers, who had covered himself with a blanket, replied on asking, that he was alright.  When Dr. Suraj Bhan repeatedly enquired, why he was in the hospital, if he was alright, he removed his blanket.  He had lost both of his legs in the war.  Dr. Suraj Bhan asked how he was saying that he was alright.  The soldier replied that he lost his legs, while fighting in Lahore-Sialkot sector, which were now under their control.  Therefore, he was so happy that loss of legs was not of any importance to him.


When Lal Bahadur Shastri surrendered all those areas to Pakistan, without any condition and without any gain, one could imagine the mental agony of such brave soldiers.  Such timid Prime Ministers are responsible for destroying the morale of our security forces.


Indira Gandhi too was no different.  She released about one lakh Pakistani prisoners of war, who were all criminals and had committed heinous crimes in Bangladesh, particularly against the Hindus, without punishing them. Bangladesh was returned   to Bengali Muslims, which is now another Pakistan.  What has Indira gained? Nothing, rather it was good for us, if Punjabi and Bengali Muslims were allowed to remain engaged in war against each other.  The worst part is that, while releasing on lakh Pakistani soldiers, she did not bother to get our own soldiers released from Pakistan.  They are still languishing in Pakistani jails.


And Indira Gandhi’s son, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, went a step further in stupidity.  He ordered Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to attack Hindu Tamils of LTTE, who were the victims of Sinhalese excesses and discrimination.  Perhaps, he thought, that Hindus of Sri Lanka are also sheep like the Hindus in India, and he could do any mischief with them. However they happened to be tigers.  In this misadventure Mr. Rajiv Gandhi got more than one thousand of our soldiers killed, and many more injured, apart from financial burden of hundreds of crores of rupees, Hindu Tamils are being treated very generously by the Sinhalese government.  LTTE men killed Mr. Rajiv Gandhi as a revenge and self defense.


The latest Gandhian care-taker Prime Minister of India, Mr. I.K. Gujral was most wonderful man.  He supplied planes loaded with free gifts of medicines to Taliban of Afghanistan, although they were engaged in holy jihad against the infidel Hindus of India, along with Pakistani terrorists.  Not only that, Taliban had expelled all the Hindu and  Sikh citizens from Afghanistan, only a few years before that. No wonder that they are destroying completely the statues of infidel Budha, whom Gandhians worshipped like
God.  What gift the followers of Gandhi and Nehru are going to offer to Taliban for the destruction of Budha? One can easily conclude that Gandhi, Nehru and their followers are all traitors.

Gandhi and Gandhians are the biggest enemies of India



During the Muslim rule in India, Aurangzeb was the most cruel king.  Jinnah’s followers extolled him as a “Second Aurangzeb” (Dawn Dec. 26, 1946 page 8, and Dec. 27 1946, p-1 Struggle for Pakistan by Lal Bahadur, p-260). It is clear that Muslims consider that ruler to be the best, who is cruel to Hindus.


According to General Isme, the chief of the Viceroy’s staff at that time (April 1947), the dominating feature in Jinnah’s mental structure was his loathing contempt of the Hindus.  He apparently thought that all Hindus were sub-human creatures, with whom it was impossible for the Muslims to live”. (p-318,Mohammed Ali Jinnah and creation of Pakistan by – S.K. Bandopadhyaya, Sterling Publishers.  Not only that, Jinnah considered Gandhi as a cheat and biggest enemy of Muslims. Gandhi was fully aware of this fact.


From the above description, it is clear, that the most cruel community of the world – the Muslims are the biggest enemies of the Hindus.  But Gandhi and the Gandhians are even more dangerous, as they bear Hindu names, and Hindus always get deceived from them. Only one example would be sufficient to prove this point.


“On the first day of April 1947, Gandhi made an unusual offer to come out of the prevalent impasse. Gandhi proposed that Viceroy should dissolve the existing interim government and invite Jinnah to form a new government with nominees of his choice.  He further assured the Viceroy that he would see to it that the Congress gave whole hearted support to the government of Jinnah.” (page 317 Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the creation of Pakistan). One can see how dangerous this proposal was, that Gandhi wanted to replace a civilized and responsible government of British with a repressive and cruel government headed by second Aurangzeb i.e.Jinnah.  What right Gandhi had to expose the Hindus to such a danger? The history of Gandhi and his followers is full of such treacherous acts.  They have always helped Muslims to inflict cruelty on Hindus.  There is no doubt that Gandhi was a curse for India.  In his personal papers the viceroy had recorded Gandhi’s proposal as “Mad”, we should thank Lord Mount Batten. (see Mount Batten versus the Mahatma, by K.R.N. Swamy, Saturday The Tribune dated (22-7-200).

Gandhi’s son Ramdas Gandhi castigated his father and said that “ your life has become curse for Hindu Jati”




Gandhi’s son Ramdas Gandhi was extremely angry with his father for his misdeeds.  He considered him as a curse for the country and Hindus.  A vivid description of the same has been given by a top Muslim League leader, Chaudhry Khaliquzazaman in his book “Pathway to Pakistan” on page  404. He writes “I met Gandhiji on 30th
September 1947, after nine years.  He embraced me very cordially and then both of us sat down on his khadi mattress nearby a low table on which there was a letter which Gandhiji asked me to read.  It was from his son Ramdas Gandhi, who had spared no curses on his old father.  To sum up in one sentence, he said your life has become curse for the Hindu Jati.  I was naturally very  much touched by this outburst of the son against his father and told Gandhiji, ”This is very painful reading.  What do you propose to do about it? He replied, “I want to fight it out with my life. I would not allow the Muslmans to crawl on the streets in India.  They must walk with self-respect.” After this short talk Gandhiji of his own accord said,’Khaliq, you once told me that Patel was my Yesman. He is not now my Yesman”. I told Gandhi that I also knew that he was not at this time his Yesman, but a representative of the Hindu Mahasabha in the Congress, balking Gandhiji at every step.”


Here one can see, that Gandhi talked ill of Sardar Patel, who followed him throughout his life and devoted his entire life for freedom struggle, to a hard-core Muslim League Leader which had not only divided India on communal lines, but also butchered one million Hindus and Sikhs and abducted Hindu women numbering about one lakh. Gandhi shamelessly acted like an agent of Muslim League and Pakistan.  Most of the people are not aware of these facts.  Gandhian government and writers have been spreading lies, and small children are told from the beginning that Gandhi was messenger of peace and non-violence, and brought freedom. This is all humbug.

Gandhi and Gandhism gave to India un-fortunate days of 15th August and 26th January and insult in the form of Tricolor Flag



Every year 15th August and 26th January are celebrated as national festivals and Tricolor Flag hoisted everywhere.  On 15th August 1947, India was divided accompanied by large scale slaughter of Hindus in Pakistan.  Still Hindus did not get freedom. Of course, Muslims not only got separate homeland, but also full freedom in truncated India, due to treachery by Gandhi.  What is there to rejoice?  We are without any homeland.  This is the day to ponder as to how to get rid of this suffocating situation.


Again, on 26th January 1950 our India, which was meant to be a homeland for the Hindus, was constitutionally converted into an inn or Dharmshala.  If somebody snatches our personal property or home and converts it into a public property, we will sue him in the court or break his head.  How shameful it is that we rejoice on that day.


And lastly, saffron color stand for Indian and Hindu culture and tradition.  But Tricolor flag contains only one third of it.  The rest two third contains green for Muslims and white for Christians etc.  If some body destroys two third of our temple and erects a mosque and a Church, how could we be happy? This tricolor is an insult to Hindus.


Gandhi claimed direct message with god


          When Gandhi had no logical explanation for wrongs that he was doing, he would pose to be an agent of god, receiving direct message from Him. That was the type of hypocrisy he was practicing.


               On 16-1-1948 he said in his prayer speech “My sole guide, even dictator was God, the infallible and omnipotent.” (Delhi Dairy p-350)- Again on 29-1-1948. Gandhiji spoke of deputation of about forty refugees from Bannu. One of them, however, exclaimed that they owed their miseries to him and angrily asked him to leave them alone and retire to the Himalayas. Gandhiji asked him at whose bidding he should go. Some were annoyed and a few went to the extent of abusing him, while many eulogized his efforts. The only course, therefore, open to him was to follow the dictates of God, “(page 389, Delhi Dairy). Thus instead of listening to reasoning’s and logic, he tried to put off the helpless refugees by talking of God. When he could not justify his fast of January 1948, he said “I claim that God has inspired this fast.” (The Tribune dt 16-1-1948).


Gandhi indulged in self praise, tried to justify himself as father of the nation


               Gandhi adulators extolled him as “Father of the Nation”, and he tried to justify it. India and its culture is millions of years old, and it is the oldest nation in the whole world. Calling a person, who was born only recently, as father of such an ancient nation, is nothing but insulting India, and that too a person, who was not even fit to be son of India. It is our bad luck that he took birth in India.


               Gandhi said in his prayer speech on 15th November, 1947 that, “If he was called the Father of the Nation, it was true only in the sense that he had had a great hand in making the Congress, what it had become after his return from South Africa in 1915.” (p-171 Delhi Dairy). There cannot be any greater example of justifying self praise. This shows pettiness on the part of Gandhi. Again giving Congress party, the status of the nation is also mischievous. Had Gandhi not taken birth in India, Sardar Patel would have been the first Prime Minister of India, and millions of Hindus would not have died, and Muslims would have been expelled from Truncated India, exactly in the same manner, as Hindus were expelled from Pakistan, and today India would have been a prosperous and strong nation.


Gandhi encouraged sins, crimes and Adharma


               Dharma has been the bed rock of Indian life and culture. This term Dharma is comprehensive, all embracing and does not need any adjective and has no equivalent in other languages. Dharma is based on ethical and spiritual values, is eternal and universal, Manu the law giver, mentions attributes of Dharm in Manusmriti:



               That is Courage, Forgiveness, Firmness of mind, No theft, Purity in dealings, Restraining of senses, intelligence, Knowledge, Truth and renouncing Anger. One can see that all these attributes in an individual would make him an ideal person. Similarly, our ancient book on spiritualism the “Patanjali Yoga Dharshan” mentions five Yama and five Niyama for spiritual life. These are Ahimasa (non-violence) Satya (Truth) Asteya (No theft). Brahmacharya (Life of celibacy). Aparigraha (non acceptance of others belongings), shauchya (Purity of mind and body), Santosha (Patienct), Tapah (bearing hardships for high ideals). Swadhyaya (Study of spiritual literature and introspection), Ishwaraprinidhan (Submission to God). All these virtues make an individual an ideal human being. These are the fundamentals of Dharma of Hindu Dharma as it called today.


               But Gandhi placed all the cruel and sinful acts of religions specially the Islam, on the same pedestal as Dharma. According to Gandhi, all religions, Hinduism (in fact Hindu is not religion but Dharma), Islam and Christianity etc., are different paths for achieving salvation or God. Now Islam teaches slaughter of cows and other animals and that too inside a mosque, and they consider it as pious thing. If there si some restriction on slaughter of cows, then the whole community would revolt with one voice that Islam is in danger. Again the one who does not have faith in Koran and Mohammed: is a Kafir or “Infidel.” Killing, looting, abducting their women, and converting them by violence is Jehad or holy war and is a sure way to Heaven. Keeping four wives at a time, and shunting out any one of them any time by uttering Talaak-Talaak three times, is also essential part of Islam. If some law to check these unethical practices is proposed, the entire Muslim community would oppose it in the name of Islam. And according to Gandhi, all Muslims specially the males, would get heaven by following these practices, as by doing so they would be following their religion. That is why, the Gandhian government of India has legally provided these facilities to male Muslims. Any political party, which wants to reform these law is anti-Muslim and Hindu Fundamentalist, narrow minded in the eyes of Gandhians. It is because of this very reason that truly nationalist parties like BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) is denounced by Gandhians as anti Muslim communal outfit: and propagated so in the whole world. No normal person would believe, that two persons following opposite direction could reach the same goal. But Gandhi did believe in it. This shows, how poor Gandhi was in logic and sense of proportion.


               So far as the Hindus are concerned, even the most illiterate would accept that everybody has to reap the results of his or her good and bad deeds, may be in this life or next birth. That no one should do cruelty on any living being, and treat all women as mothers except his own wife. That God is Mother and Father of all and all are brothers and sisters. Due to these lofty ideals of Hindu Dharma. Hindus as a whole are civilized, tolerant and compassionate in their treatment with everyone, even enemies. But on the contrary religious specially Islam preaches hatred against all non Muslims.


Gandhi’s Jawahar “Again” was drinking alcohol on the mid-night of 14-15 August 1947


               On the mid-night of 14th and 15th August 1947, when slaughter of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan was at its peak. Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru called “A gem” by Gandhi, along with many other Khadi-clad and Gandhi capped followers of Gandhi were enjoying wine, writes Mr. Raghuvendra Tanwar in his article “The last day of the Raj” in Sunday Reading of the Tribune dated 29-6-1997. It reads “From the minutes of the Viceroy Staff Meeting (No 68) of July 28, 1947, comes another amusing incident. The Viceroy issued instructions for a grand dinner and reception which was to follow the mid-night ceremony of August 14-15. He directed the toast to be drunk to the “health of King.” Considering he (Nehru)never drank (like numerous other Congress leaders) to drink port at 2 a.m. in toast to the Kind was quite something.” This Lord Mountbatten himself has confirmed that many Congress leasers, along with Nehru were taking alcohol and for him it was “quite something.” Of course, it was quite shameful, and the Viceroy did not expect it.


               Gandhi used to give sermon on abstention from alcohol, Ahimsa or non-violence, Brahmacharya, Ram Rajya, cow-protection. Gita, Sanatan Dharma and al that is considered high by Hindus. He was fully aware that Nehru does not have any of these qualities nor any regard for these high ethical values. He know that Nehru indulges in alcoholic drinks, non-vegetarian food, was a theist and ridiculed Ram Rajya, was a chain on the reins of the country to Nehru and Sardar Patel was asked to withdraw. Consequently, Nehru as Prime Minister encouraged all those ills in the society, which he had in his personal life, for which he had in his personal life, for which the entire blame goes to Gandhi, in the sense that he foisted a wrong man of the helm of affairs at a crucial period in the history of India.


Gandhi’s simple living was humbug


               Gandhi used to pose and act like poor semi-naked starved farmer or laborer. He also gave sermons on simple living. But his outward simplicity was very costly. Once Sarojani Naidu pointed out, that it costs India a lot to keep Gandhi poor. (see Sunday Times, dated 16-1997, page 18).


               In a review in The Tribune dated 7-9-1997 on a book “Liberty  or Death; India’s journey to Independence and Division “ by Patrick French it is stated that “He (Gandhi) wished to live like Indian’s rural peasantry, by wherever he went  herbs, vegetables and chaste goats would be garnered, buildings scrubbed, white washed and decorated in an appropriate style, and mud refrigerated for him to smear on his stomach as one of his nature cures. “He always traveled with a giant entourage of disciples, many of whom were renowned for their cold hauteur towards outsiders, yet he (Gandhi) claimed to dislike special treatment.


               “His opponent Mohammed Ali Jinnah made the point that he spent less than Gandhi on train despite traveling first class, since he only had to buy one ticket.”


               If some Indian were to write in this strain, it would be considered blasphemous by Gandhi’s sycophants and there would have been uproar. But the English writer has no such fears, and has presented true picture of Gandhi’s fraud.


               Gandhi degraded India and Hindus in the eyes of whole world and UNO


               All the conditions, which Gandhi had laid down for ending his January 1948 fast, indicated as if Hindus and Sikhs were doing cruelty and injustice to Muslims in India. Hindus and Sikhs were often castigated buy him in his prayer speeches for assumed atrocities on Muslims, but he seldom made any reference to what was being done to Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, which in fact was on much larger scale. More over Muslims were the first to start killings, and reaction in India started much later.


               Pakistan representative to UNO Mr. Zafrullah Khan, spoke for three hours. He told that the Muslim population in a number of states being entirely wiped out. Referring to East Punjab he sarcastically remarked “I am sorry: It was not whole population. I heard this morning that there were actually two Muslims left.” (See The Tribune dated 18-1-1948).


               What to talk of Pakistan, even in Hyderabad (South India) ruled by Muslims ruler the Nizam, with overwhelming Hindu population, Muslims burnt 3000 houses, abducted 260 Hindu women, killed 600 Hindus and looted property worth over 30 lakhs from November 25 to December 15 1947. (see The Tribune dt 18-1-1948).


               However, India’s representative Mr. Ayyanagr was afraid of speaking the truth because it exposed the Muslims. He could not tell that Muslims were the first to start killings, abduction and looting in Pakistan, and reaction in India was much smaller and much later, that too has…………..due to Gandhi’s fast and almost entire Hindu population in Pakistan has been finished. Gandhi and Indian government headed by Nehru was guilty of turning a blind eye to what happened to Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan.


               Gandhi’s prayer speech of 15-1-1948, as reported on page 344 of Delhi Dairy, says “Your fast has been undertaken on the eve of the meeting of the United Nation Council. Your fast has ever shadowed all other incidents, and Pakistan’s representatives would not be worth their reputation if they do not seize the opportunity, to declare that Mahatma has undertaken the fast to bring sanity among his Hindu followers, who have been making the life of Muslims in India impossible. Your fast may have the unfortunate effect of prejudicing our case in the eyes United Nation. (This is al in reference to the question put to Gandhi).


               (Now Gandhi’s reply)—Outsiders cannot distort the purpose of the fast, which is meant to bring sanity to all those who inhabit both Union (India) and Pakistan. This is one more example  of how Gandhi twisted facts and spoke lies. The fact as already stated was that he kept conditions for ending fast, only for binding Hindus and Sikhs in India, and none for binding Muslims in Pakistan.









Jinnah as Governor General of Pakistan did not allow Gandhi to meet him


               Whenever Gandhi had to deal with Jinnah, he behaved like a beggar by degrading himself. He was always afraid of Muslims and Jinnah, and received very undignified behavior from them. He always tried to hide the excesses committed by Muslims against Hindus to please them, and castigated Hindus, even if they did something in self defense. The first thing Commissioner of India to Pakistan, Mr. Sri Prakasa writes on page 104 to 109 of his book “Pakistan__ Birth and Early Days.”



               “….I remember the visit of two Parsi friends who made a special journey to Karachi with a message from Gandhiji expressing a desire to meet Mr. Jinnah. So far as I remember, these friends were not able to meet Mr. Jinnah himself, for he saw but few people, and it was really not easy for anyone to meet him at all. (One can note that Sri Prakasa very much in Gandhian style is justifying arrogance of Jinnah, and that too, to the Father of the Nation in his eyes). These friends who repeatedly met me, seemed to have been quite authoritatively told that Mr. Jinnah was not prepared to meet Gandhiji, unless Gandhiji made himself the Governor General of India, which he could have easily done if he only so wished. These Parsi friends were still in Karachi, trying to break the ice, when news of Gandhiji’s death came and feeling sad and sick at heart they left her home.


               Further Mr. Prakasa observes, “It is indeed curious, how while Hindu India seemed to think that Gandhiji favored Muslims, and even in those terrible days following partition, they thought that sufferings of the Muslims affected him more than the suffering of the Hindus,…Mr. Jinnah himself regarded him as enemy No. 1 of Muslims. “While we were in the prescribed 13 days state mourning, Mr. Jinnah gave a banquet to which I was invited. I felt unhappy that the Governor General of Pakistan should be giving banquet, whatever the occasion might be, when his own previous country was plunged in such deep grief. I declined invitation telling the hose that as we were in mourning. I could not avail myself of the invitation. I remember that reference was made to Gandhiji and his sad death at a meeting of the Pakistan Assembly not long afterwards, I was present in the gallery. The Prime Minister Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, the Chief Minister of Sindh Mr. Khusro and other speakers paid glowing tributes to Gandhiji repeatedly referring to him as “Mahatama.” Mr. Jinnah was presiding, At the end, he in course of a few words that he uttered, did not mention Gandhiji’s name. I believe he did not want to call him Mahatama, and did not know, what other appellation to give, when his own colleagues in Government had called him Mahatama. So he referred to Gandhiji as ‘he”, and said that he served his community as he thought best, and that he namely Mr. Jinnah himself would convey to the Governor General of India, the  feelings of the House at an appropriate time. If I am not forgetting, the letter that went to Lord Mountbatten was over the signature of Mr. Jinnah’s Secretary.


Further on page 179, MR. Prakasa says that “On January 30 (1949) I wanted to go and place some flowers at the foot of Gandhiji statue that had been raised by merchants (Hindu) of Karachi a few years earlier. I wrote for permission to do so to the Pakistan Government. I had a letter from the government to say that they could nto permit of any public “Worship” of a statue for that would go against their religion. “


               We can draw following conclusions from the facts mentioned above. One, Gandhi wanted to tell Jinnah at Karachi, that in spite of strong opposition from the Hindus, he undertook fast for the sake of Muslims, and now he was entitled to be declared as friend of Muslims by Jinnah.


               Two, Hindus specially those left in Pakistan, were the victims of violence by the Muslims on one side, and on the other side reluctance rather refusal by the Gandhians to help them. Thus Hindus and Sikhs left in Pakistan were ground to death between two stones, Gandhi and Jinnah of the grinding mill.


               Three, it was highly shameful and degrading for Gandhi, that he wanted to surrender before Mr. Jinnah at Karachi, after standing over the dead bodies of one million Hindus and Sikhs. Still Mr. Jinnah looked down upon him as a mean person, unfit to be called as Mahatama and not entitled to be given an opportunity to meet him. For these sins, Gandhi would suffer hell for many births and rebirths. Certainly, if a person can be treacherous to his own community and followers, he can cheat his adversaries also that must have been the criteria of Jinnah a very intelligent person and sincere to his community.


Homage to Nathu Ram Godse and assassination of Gandhi

               Followers of Gandhi hate the very name of Nathuram Godse. Since our country has been under the rule of Gandhians for all these years, therefore, the truth remained hidden all this time. As a matter of fact in his private life, Godse was very pious and of spiritual bent of mind. His life sketch has been given by two foreigners Larry Collians and Dominque Lapierre, in their book “Freedom at Midnight” and a brief description has been given by Ravind Kala under the heading “most infamous assassin” in the spectrum of The Sunday Tribune dated 33-10-2000. Some portions are reproduced here verbatim: “Nathuram Godse’s life makes for fascinating reading. The son of a Brahmin postmaster, earning Rs 15/- per month. He failed English in his matriculation and did not get into a university. Out of school, he drifted from one job to another, nailing packing crates, pedaling fruit, retreading tires, and finally became a tailor. His real passion was politics. Ironaically, he became a rabid follower of Gandhi and even went to jail when Mahatma gave a call for civil disobedience. In 1937, however, Godse abandoned Gandhi’s movement to follow another political master, Veer Sarvarkar.


               In 1944, Godse became editor of the ‘Hindu Rashtra.’ In his private life, he was an ascetic. He live din a monk’s cell opposite his tailor shop. The only piece of furniture in it was a rope charpai/cot or bed.


               He rose at 5.30 every morning. With the exception of his mother, he could not bear their (other women) physical presence. One day admitted to hospital for one of his excruciating migraine headaches, Godse woke up to find himself in award serviced by nurses. He leapt from his bed and pulling a sheet around him ran from the hospital rather than allow female hands to touch him. At the age of 28, Godse took a vow of Brahmarcharya, the voluntary renunciation of sex in all it forms.


               One can see, how strictly disciplined life Godse was leading. Contrary to it, Gandhi indulged in many evils during his young age, which made him physically weak. When his body was reduced to skeleton of bones, he started giving sermon on Brahmarcharya, which was one of the many frauds he practiced,


               Gosse was not only pure and pious in his private life but also had a burning desire for protecting Hindu Dharma and the nation. Because of this  he could not tolerate  anti-national and anti-Hindu acts of Gandhi, and decided that Gandhi must pay with his life. If we see Godse’s act without any prejudice we would find that he was not guilty. He did not kill Gandhi because of any personal enmity, but to protect the nation from his wrongs. “Godse declared in his last will and testament, that the only possession he had to leave for his family was his ashes. He asked that those ashes should not be immersed in a river, but be handed down instead, from generation to generation, until they could be sprinkled into Indus river flowing through reunited India under Hindu rule. “Certainly, Godse would be counted among martyrs if and when India comes under Hindu rule.


               It is not only I, who considered Godse not guilty. Justice Khosla, who heard the murder case, writes in his book “The Murder of Mahatama”, On page 234, that “The audience was visibly and audibly moved. There was a deep silence when he (Godse) ceased speaking. Many women were in tears and men coughing and searching for handkerchief. The silence was accentuated and made deeper by the sound of an occasional subdued snift or muffled cough.


               II have, however, no doubt, that had the audience of that day been constituted into a jury and entrusted with the task of deciding Godse’s appeal, they would have brought ina verdict of ‘not guilty’ by an overwhelming majority.” Here it may be pointed out, that most of the audience were all educated, government officers and intellectuals, their wives and families.


               Many women from respectable families were sending self-made woolen sweaters to Godse, with a request, that he should wear them during his next hearing, and he used to oblige by wearing them. (See India wins Freedom, page 235/Gandhi Vadh aur main, by Gopal Godse, pate 97). Certainly, Nathuram Godse was a brave person, who sacrificed his life for a high cause.


All followers of Gandhi are sinful criminals


               Gandhi’s statement of 13-1-1948, as recorded on page 355 of Delhi Dairy, states that “Some people taunted him that he had sympathy for the Muslims only, and that he had undertaken fast for their sake. They were right. But all his life he had stood as everyone should stand, for minorities or those in need., Pakistan had resulted in depriving the Muslims of the Union (India) of pride and self-confidence. It hurt him to think that it was so.”


               “He would repeat with his last breath that the Hindus and Sikhs should be brave enough to say that whatever happened in Pakistan, they would not raise their little finger against a single Muslim.”


               Here it is worth noting that this statement of 13th January is just opposite to that of the statement which he made two days later, as given under serial no 28, in which he says that “the fast is meant to bring sanity to all those who inhabit both India and Pakistan.” This is one more example to show how Gandhi spoke lies, twisted facts and cheated the Hindus.


               Here it may be emphasized, that it were the Muslims belonging to the Truncated India, who created Pakistan and  all the Muslim seats were captured by Muslim League in 1945-46 elections. Not a single Muslim seat went to Congress,. In fact  this was a sort of referendum for creation of Pakistan. Still Gandhi was so much worried about their pride and self-respect that he went on indefinite fast.  There was  no danger to their life and property in Truncated India.


               But the same Gandhi had no worry for the life, property and honor of the Hindus and Sikhs left Pakistan. As per Gandhi’s own statement  that “whatever happened in Pakistan. “ Hindus and Sikhs should ignore it, indicates Gandhi’s way of thinking. These Hindus and Sikhs left in Pakistan had full faith in Gandhi followed his instructions and always shouted slogans ‘long live Mahatama Gandhi” and also erected Gandhi’s statue at some places. Now they were being slaughtered and all sortof cruelties were being inflicted upon them by Muslims. Hindu and Sikh women were being abducted and dishonoured with unthinkable  cruelty. Therefore, all those who sided with Gandhi, supported him in any form and appreciated him are also shareholders in the treachery that Gandhi did, and  are sinful criminals.


               It is certain, that whenever India would emerge as Hindu Nation. Gandhi and all Gandhians would be considered as traitors, just like Jai chand of Rajput history, who sided with Mohammed Ghori tio defeat Prithivi Raj who was inflicted cruelties including gouging of his eyes, and like Gangu Brahmin of Sikh history who handed over two small innocent children of Guru Govind Singh to Muslims, who were done to death by bricking them alive in a wall at Sarhind, Punjab.                                                                                                                                                                                       Anand Praksah Madan

                                                                                                         Chief Engineer (Retd)