Puzzle of Deeds and Destiny



     Deeds or actions are relatively easy to define and comprehend e.g.


1.                  God is just, so rewards fruits/punishment to the souls based on its deeds done when in human life.

2.                  Souls are infinite, they never die, and they just change body from human to animal to bird to human etc.

3.                  Deeds done with free will are Karma and they have consequences.

4.                  Deeds depends upon the following 3 things:

a.      Birth Nature – lustful or chaste, easily angered or calm, greedy or generous, attached or non-attached to the worldly pleasures.

b.      Company - company plays a major role on one’s thoughts and deeds.

c.      Free Will – free will is a pre-requisite for Karma.

5.                  Deeds are of two kinds:

a.      Selfish – also two kinds Honest and Dishonest

b.      Selfless – done to help others.



It is easy to say I am lucky or unlucky. But the question is:


1.                  Is accident e.g. dieing in an airplane crash your luck?

2.                  Is getting hurt because of natural calamities your luck?

3.                  Is getting tortured or abused by the society or individuals your luck?

4.                  Is death in the military your luck?

5.                  Is dieing of starvation your luck?

6.                  Even other things e.g. loosing your job is your luck?


The above points are negatives. But same can be said about the positives e.g. getting a good job, making lots of money, getting a promotion; again is that your luck?


Points to remember:

  1. Destiny or luck is the result (given by God) of your deeds done in previous human life.
  2. One is born as an animal, bird, insect, human etc. along with lifespan and destiny.
  3. God does not take or use any body’s help to do his work.
  4. The only way He can reward/punish humans is thru their mind and intellect. The saying is “To give you pleasure or pain, God makes your intellect accordingly”.


Causes of Pleasure and Pain:

1.                  Mental/intellect/health/life – One is born with it, so it is a destiny. Also one can improve or decline depends upon what one learns and what company he/she keeps.

2.                  Society/Individuals/animals/accidents/Military/starvation – Others are free to act, therefore they may help or hurt you, whether your destiny meant to be that way or not. Since others are free to do their deeds, if this was not because of your destiny or your karma then you are getting undeserved pleasure or pain by others. In this case, God compensates you with the equal amount of pleasure or pain elsewhere.

3.                  Natural Calamities – If you get trapped into these undeserved situations, then God compensates you with the equal amount of pleasure and pain as well somewhere else.



There are many examples of rebirth (reincarnation). When one dies young because of illness, military or for other reasons, then one is born again in the similar family and environment e.g. Christian person is reborn in Christian family (Watch video below), Muslim is reborn in Muslim family and so on. God compensates the soul for untimely death, by giving birth again in the similar family and environment.  Similarly God compensates the soul or person with pleasure or pain for the undeserved pleasure or pain given by others, accidents, natural calamities etc.


YouTube video on reincarnation: